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I'm the kind of vidder who finds motivation in the source or in a particular piece of music, so I would want to dictate what you'll use for my vid. I might balk a bit at heavy metal, but other than that whatever moves you to vid and fits the source is fine by me. I'm inordinately fond of humor in vids and all but one of my requested sources are just calling out for humor.

The Man From Uncle (2015 - Movie)
For me this movie was a love letter to the Sixties, all about the style and slick action. That opening chase scene must be one of my favs of all time. If you let a little Napoleon/Illya slash sneak in, I wouldn't object

Big Trouble in Little China
This movie needs a campy, over-the-top vid featuring the wanna be hero Jack Burton or the real hero, Wang.

The Martian
Mark Watney is such a big ball of humor and hope and resourcefulness. I like his time back on the Hermes, too. And the guy who came up with the plan to go back and save him. And just about everything. Hey, vidder, if you love it too, I'm sure I'll love your vid.

Key and Peele
One of the best and most versatile comedy sketch shows on tv, I love their geekiness and respect for women. I'm so bummed their show was cancelled, I'd love a vid that encapsulates the crazyness and social commentary that is also very, very funny.

Campy. My Archer vid needs to be campy and heavy on Lana and Sterling, with just a touch of Woodhouse.

These last two might be harder to vid but, Dear Festividder, I'll love so much more if you can pull it off.

A movie about a man dying of cancer - how did this become one of my favorite movies of all time? Akira Kurasawa sculpts a story of a man who finds a joy for living in the face of death and Takashi Shimura drives it home with his brilliant performance.

This is my tv crack. I never get tired of watching, even episode I've seen several times before. The drama! The crazy ingredients! I've go no idea how you'd vid it, but I'd be eternally grateful if you could.

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