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Festivids go live is today and, of course, the first thing I did was watch this lovely vid made just for me. Chopped is one of my favorite shows but I had no hopes I would actually get a vid for it. This wonderful vid captures the tension, the struggle to get it right, the weird ingredients that are thrown at the contestants and the wonderful judges. It's everything I hoped for and more.

Here It Goes Again

I'll try to watch most all the vids during the week and will post a list of those I loved best soon. I've got to get back to my major Doctor Who marathon. I want to get through the rest of Classic Who before I leave for Gallifrey One on Feb. 11 and I just found out that both Hulu and Netflix are pulling the show from their line up. I'm not sure if that means both the classic and modern shows, but I've just started season 26 so I think I can finish it off this weekend.

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