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I should be fleshing out my Equinox Exchange letter, but I'll post my VVC premieres vid instead.  I've been mulling over vidding to this song by Professor Elemental for years, noting potential sources, and planning what I'd like to do with it. The hardest part, for me, was the passage about Alfred in the Bat Cave.  Stumbling across Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants solved that problem. Many, many cups of tea were drunk in planning and executing this vid.

In case anyone is interested, here are the sources used in order of their first appearance.  There are probably thousands of other shows and movies that could have appeared in the vid, but I needed to make room for Doctor Who.  In fact, I probably could have just used the Doctors and their companions, but I knew I wanted to squeeze in Shaun of the Dead, the ST:TNG, and Highlander, etc. 

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
My Little Pony
Downton Abbey
Star Trek: The Next Generation
A Hard Day’s Night
Doctor Who (13th Doctor)
The IT Crowd
Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants
Withal and I
Black Books
Doctor Who (2nd Doctor)
Doctor Who (10th Doctor)
Shaun of the Dead
Highlander (TV series)
Doctor Who (3rd Doctor)
Monty Python’s Flying Circus
Doctor Who: A Tardis Tea Party
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
The Farmer’s Wife
The Sword in the Stone
Fawlty Towers
Father Ted
The Five(ish) Doctor Reboot
Professor Elemental (web page)

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I just got back from VVC a few days ago and here I am in another hotel waiting for another con to start, MidAmericon II this time which is the 2016 Worldcon. I finally have a chance to post the vid I made for the VVC Challenge which had a theme of Descent. Is this a cheesy vid? Sure. Is it full of gratuitous violence? You betcha! From the 2010 movie Rubber I give you the tale of an ordinary car tire from sentience to obsession to murderous rage.

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The effect of her long immortal life, fighting to survive for other a thousand years, weighed heavily on Amanda's character during the series Highlander: The Raven. From the first time I heard this song by Alabama Shakes, the idea for this vid started forming. A bid thanks to my beta [personal profile] killabeez.

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As the Challenge theme this year for this year's VVC was Memory, it seemed like the perfect time to do a vid I've been considering for quite a while. Alice Guy Blache was one of the first film directors, completing more than 1,000 short films in her career from 1896-1920. She experimented with some of the first scripted stories, with sound and with color. After moving from France to the U.S she had her own film studio in New Jersey, one of the hot spots for film production at the time. Unfortunately most of her works are lost and forgotten.

I considered using music from her era for this vid, but changed my mind when I realized just how many of the surviving works featured movement and dance.


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I love the awesome teamwork in Big Hero 6, the focus on science and the female characters who were integral to the team and not just there to be someone's love interest. When it cam to vidding the movie, though, I decided to just focus on how Hiro could always count on them, how they are always there to back each other up.



Aug. 7th, 2015 07:24 am
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I arrived last night and was musing about how I feel both connected and disconnected to the VVC community. This is probably due to: 1) I only make it to VVC about every other year 2)Club Vivid is just totally not my thing (absolutely not a party/dancing person) and 3) I'm a bit shy about just walking up to people and starting a conversation.

But don't think that any of that means I won't have a fantastic time. The vidshows can be fun but what I always look forward to the most are panels and premieres. Every time I come to VVC I get more inspiration on how to improve either my technical or my creative vidding process and it is so energizing. And Premieres! The energy is so great, especially in the overflow room where I like to sit through the show.

I'm glad this year that I was able to get a flight back late enough on Sunday that I should be able to make it all the way through Vid Review. Although this can be a little stressful when my vid comes up for review, it is also like listening to a giant beta session, with everyone analyzing how the premieres vids either did or didn't work. Years ago at my first VVC I was really nervous about Vid Review, but it turned out to be a great experience.

Unfortunately I won't be able to stay for In Depth Review or Challenge or the Auction vids. At least I'll be able to catch those on the dvd, but there's nothing like watching new vids in a room full of avid vidders and vid-lovers.
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I've tweaked my Premieres vid enough and it's uploading as I type. I thought I had an idea for a new project, but as listened to the music a few more times and rewatched season 8 of Doctor Who, the inspiration pretty much evaporated, so I don't know what I want to do next. I have a couple of ideas that really aren't quite fanvids, I don't know what you might call them.

The first one came to be literally in a dream. I dreamed that I vidded Bob Dylan's Masters of War with print ads and promotional footage of military industry contractors, interlaced with photos and headlines of industry lobbyists and elected officials. I also worked in portions of President Eisenhower's Chance for Peace speech and Farewell Address that serve as cautions from the 1950s against letting the military contractors gain a foothold over driving the legislative agenda. I'm conflicted about this. On the one hand it sound very, very doable. On the other, it's far more political and work-related for my comfort for reasons that I don't want to discuss in fannish spaces.

The second idea, that I'm still interested in, revolves around the gentrification of eclectic urban spaces. This one comes directly from listening way too many times to What's Happened to Soho by The Correspondents. I'd like to use historical footage and photographs compared to modern for entertainment districts, not just in London, but elsewhere. I've been casually browsing the internet for sources and historical background, but this isn't something that would come together quickly.

In the meantime, I just finished Daredevil and OMG is this some good shit! I wish I was inspired to vid the show, but I think I may have to just settle for looking for things other people have done instead.
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I've got a complete rough draft of my Premieres vid for VVC and I'm not sure if I want to let it sit for awhile and then look at it with fresh eyes for final editing or get a beta to give a quick look and some suggestions.

In the meantime, while driving around last weekend I heard a piece of music and, BAM, it hits me that I need to vid DW. Just one episode, Deep Breath, so it shouldn't take too long, but I've never vidded the Doctor. I have, however, been watching lots and lots and lots of DW vids to put together a vid show for a con next October, so I guess I've got Who-brain right now.
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I'm sad to be missing Vividcon this year, but that will probably only last until my plane takes off Monday on the way to Worldcon in London . It is a consolation to know that with the supporting membership my dvds of vids will be waiting for me when I get back. And I'll try and watch some of the livestreaming vid shows, too, if I have time this weekend.

I did make a Sleepy Hollow vid for Club Vivid. I love John Cho's poor, undead, lovesick Andy Brooks and wanted to give him his own little vid of unrequited love.

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Stuff is Way
When I say that making this vid surprised me, I mean, that I had absolutely no intention of ever making a vid for Memento. In fact, I had only ever seen the movie once, in a theater when it was first released in 2000.

Usually when the germ of a vid idea plants itself in my head, it starts by watching the source. Instead, this time it started with the song. I was listening to the latest album by They Might be Giants and the first time I heard this quirky, disjointed song I immediately thought of this quirky, disjointed movie.

What I was trying to find was the sense of how confusing life is to Leonard. Adding the static at the beginning clips is meant to show the static of his mind every time he finds himself awake with no memory of where he is or what he's done to get there. A life that's constantly being rebooted.

download (30mb avi)

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Fashion is Danger
Star Trek: The Original Series
I'm not a dance party kind of girl, so I surprised myself a little this year by creating a premieres vid for Club Vivid. I was a little hesitant about the idea but when I got the green light from Ian on it, I plunged ahead. I have to say, it was a lot of fun to do. The idea was sparked by an article on io9 (I think) about the costumes from the original series. I started rewatching the series soon after that and decided it was a fantastic idea for a vid.

Flight of the Conchords are always a great band to mine for cracky, funny vids and this song was fantastic for the job. Most fun I've had making a vid in ages.

streaming on Youtube
download (60mb avi)
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I've got a complete rough (and I do mean rough) draft of a VVC premiers vid.  It's kind of a departure for me and I think I'm going to let it sit and ferment a bit before I go and tweak it a bit.  I know there's a lot of stray frames that need to be cleaned up after I added some cross dissolves.  In any case, I think I'm going to like it.  Hopefully someone at VVC will like it too.  I hadn't ever planned on vidding Memento, but on the new They Might Be Giants album there was a song that jumped out at me as being the perfect fit.

Now, where's that draft I had for a light-heared Duncan/Amanda HL vid?  I think I'll have to just go and watch some HL and work on that.
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I've finished my CVV vid and it still makes me smile whenever I watch it, which is a very good thing.  I've done vids that, by the time I was done, I never wanted to hear that song again.  Now I've just got to wait until August to find out if it makes anyone else happy. 


Feb. 17th, 2013 07:45 pm
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I really thought about not going to Vividcon this year, but went ahead and registered anyway.  It looks like this summer at work is going to be nuts and I'll definitely need the vacation. I'm also doing a vid for Club Vivid that involves making clips from 23 different episodes of a show.  I'll be lucky to get this done, so I may not even make a VVC premieres vid.  But I've got an idea for a really hot Duncan/Amanda vid, just when I thought I was done vidding Highlander, so if it's done in time to submit for VVC, great.  Otherwise, I'll just finish it at my own pace.

I'm glad I like the vidding process, 'cause the preliminary work to making a vid is pretty tedious.  But once I start getting things down in the timeline and work at making the story I've got in my head come to life, that makes it worthwhile.
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I hadn't planned on doing another Highlander vid, but I was rewatching HL: The Raven at the same time I had also acquired a 10-disk collection of Benny Goodman and this song just cried out to me. Lucy and Amanda!

download (51 mb)

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Well, my premieres vid was shown earlier today at Vividcon, unfortunately it was in the Also Premieres show since I wasn't able to attend this year. This time I've taken on a revered Disney princess, Show White, and cast her in a slightly different light.


Download The Truth About Snow White

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Just got back from Vividcon and was really, really impressed by some of the vidding being done in fandoms other than Highlander. My vids Threesome and Dedicated Follower of Fashion were in Nearly New and well received. Got an okay reception for my Premieres vid, but I'll be the first to admit that it could definitely have been better. It didn't quite come out as I had envisioned it and I got some great feedback from a couple of people on it. Almost thought about working on it some to improve it, but decided to go ahead and just post it.

I was storyboarding the next project while on the plane coming home. It's going to be my first FCE project and some of the panels I attended have given me some good inspiration for where I want to go with it. But since I'll be learning new software and techniques as I go along, it may be a while before I finish it.

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