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I've been going through my all my imported entries making sure vids and convention reports are tagged for easy retrieval and found that two of my favorite earlier Highlander vids never got posted to LJ. These are both fairly simple, but I've always been fond of them.

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Embarking on a selected rewatch of TOS, I thought I'd repost my one and only Star Trek vid, too.

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I really wish I'd requested Shaun of the Dead for Fesstivids because I'd love for someone to vid it to Johnathan Coulton's Re: Your Brains. I guess I could, but I've got my own assignment to do, plus a treat I want to make. And I've got Amanda from HL:TR percolating in the back of my brain - something devoted to sword swinging.

But I'd still love that funny zombie vid.
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I’ve taken a different turn with my second vid for the Twenty Year challenge at [ profile] hl_chronicles. Instead of vidding Duncan MacLeod, I've taken a look at twenty years of Adrian and his fans. In addition to photos and clips from Davis-Panzer, I've got the thank Carmel and HLWW and the list of friends credited at the end for finding photos from some of the earlier cons.

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I hadn't planned on doing another Highlander vid, but I was rewatching HL: The Raven at the same time I had also acquired a 10-disk collection of Benny Goodman and this song just cried out to me. Lucy and Amanda!

download (51 mb)

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It was going to start with clips from Monty Python, Eric Idle's character beating the drum and calling out "Bring out your dead". Three of these clips, each one followed by the sound of a beating heart and text saying that we all have them, those vids that we start and abandon before they're done. This would be followed by the sound of a heart monitor flatlining and fading into B. B. King's The Thrill is Gone and clips a descriptions of vids that seemed like good ideas but just didn't work.

Problem is, it's both depressing and boring disecting failures and back ideas. I didn't finish this one and have a nice, pleasant vid from HL; The Raven instead.

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When [ profile] hl_chronicles first announced the categories for the 20 years of Highlander challenges I immediately had two thoughts. That's a great idea. Too bad you can't vid that. But using [ profile] killabeez as a sounding board, it dawned on me that I could do this by pulling together clips from Highlander, Peter Wingfield's later tv work and other source material.

The song, Times Will Change by Danish band Marvins Revolt, was the only one I considered. I liked the changing pace of the music and the lyrics are filled with urge to keep moving, grow stronger and survive. What could be more Methos than that?

Download link

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I've got the first vid done for [ profile] hl_chronicles. It went together much quicker than I thought it would, but except for one clip that I might switch out, I like it. It says what I wanted it to say and hopefully HL fans will like it, too.

That leaves the second vid which, thankfully, isn't due until October 2. That's good. It's proving a bit harder to find source material that I'd hoped. I really, really want to use Real McKenzies for this, probably Thistle Boy or, maybe Scots Wha Hae. Scottish Gaelic punk is so perfect for what I want to do, but a lot of HL fans - I don't know if they're really into that kind of music. It's not your lilting harps folk song kind of thing.
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Before I head over to check out the [ profile] festivids reveal, here's my lovingly crafted vid for [ profile] mithborien who wanted a kickass Victoria vid from Red. I wanted to contrast her cool efficiency to the over-the-top guys on the team of retired agents. I loved the Etta James song, but edited it down a bit to fit my needs. Tragically, Etta James died recently, so in a way, this is a kind of tribute to her, too.

download the signed version
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I've made my nominations for [ profile] festivids but I might add some more later. So far at least these are the shows and movies I'd like to vid or have vidded for me:

Red - I'd probably concentrate on Helen Mirren's character. I've been brainstorming this for a while but haven't found the perfect song yet. I'd love to see the middle-age action hero theme explored, too.

The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. - there's a lot of potential here, I've only made one vid for the fandom. Hey, what about a vid for Comet, Brisco's horse?

Endgame - I loved this short-lived series and am already sort of plotting out a chess-themed vid, but there's a lot of very interesting visual stuff here.

Good Eats - Why, oh why, is there no cracky-good vid for this show?

Highlander: The Raven - Amanda needs more vids of her own.

Yojimbo - This is one of the movies that made the anti-hero a movie staple. Even without the subtitles, Mifune is visually fantastic.

Seven Samurai - the best buddy action movie ever. I have no idea what I'd vid for it, but it's so great.

Black Books - This is one I'd probably not try to vid myself, but ask to have vidded for me.
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One of my Highlander vids just past the 10k mark on YouTube. Reposting here out of excitement.

vid fail

Jun. 11th, 2011 08:45 am
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When the [ profile] vividcon challenge theme was set as Blast from the Past, I nearly squeed. I'd been mulling over ideas for a vid for Red and the overall focus of that movie, retired spies going into action, seemed like a natural choice. Add to that a recent obsession with 1930s big band and swing music (thanks to some recs from Jim Byrnes on Facebook) I thought I was on the path to perfection.

After sifting through a range of choices, I decided on Bugle Call Rag by Benny Goodman. The beginning bugle notes of Reveille for the call to action and I thought the musical phrasing lent itself well to introduction of each character. So I started clipping and outlining and set to work.

This is where it all fell apart. I couldn't make the pacing of the song fit to the clips I needed to tell the story. I tried speeding clips up or slowing them down to shoe horn them in, but no matter what I did, I hated it. When vidding becomes more work than fun it's time to hang it up. So I'm not going to have anything in Vividcon this year. No premiering vid, no challenge vid. Sigh.
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Back in the early 1990s Bruce Campbell gave the perfect campy western hero in the sci-fi, steampunk classic, The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. Earlier this year I picked up the dvd box set and watched them one after another, loving it all over again.

One of the vid themes I wanted to pursue was Brisco's search the the 'coming thing'. Ideally, I was looking for something that had both sf and western undertones. This lead me to Bob Liddiard's TV Cowboy Game Theme, combining a cowboy tune with zippy video game noises.

[ profile] franzeska and [ profile] vchrusch were kind enough to give the first draft a quick beta for me.

So, here's a tribute to the show that made me love Bruce Campbell.


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Ever have one of those moments? A few months ago I'd found a song I thought was perfect, but life got in the way of vidding for a while. Now, finally, I'm all geared up to start a new vid in a new fandom, but after the tedious process of clipping a new source doubts had crept in. Would this song really work? Would there be enough clips to tell the story? Would anyone ever care about a show that's been off the air for more than 15 years?

Then I pull all the material into FCE, lay down the sound track and the opening clips and play it back - bam! It's better than I hoped. Next few weeks should be fun!
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I've been planning this vid for over a year and was a little dismayed when I found out that two festivids vids used the same song. From the first time I heard this song, I knew it fit Duncan MacLeod, a man who surrounds himself with friends. Just the tiniest bit slashy, here it is: Friends.


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Two posts in one day, more than usual for me. For the past year I've been engaged in Project365 - every day for an entire year taking a posting a picture online. I've created a video of the final project

download link

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Reading other vidders year-end summaries inspired me to take a look back to my own year in vids.

Read more )
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I'm most comfortable making vids that are light-hearted or funny, so making this was way outside my comfort zone. But this Nina Simone song really spoke to me, it seemed like the perfect background to tell the tragic love story of Duncan and Tessa. The goal was to try and tell the complete story in such a way that even someone who wasn't familiar with Highlander would get it. Hope I've succeeded.


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Well, my premieres vid was shown earlier today at Vividcon, unfortunately it was in the Also Premieres show since I wasn't able to attend this year. This time I've taken on a revered Disney princess, Show White, and cast her in a slightly different light.


Download The Truth About Snow White

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Since I'm not going to be writing up a con report here (it's going to appear in two parts in the LFT - the PWFC newsletter) I decided to go ahead and make this video slideshow to share.

To download directly

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