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This year's Hugo ceremony was a fantastic production last night. David Gerrold and Tanarive Due were fantastic hosts and the results clearly showed that the attempt by certain parties to hijack the awards was thwarted by fans who voted for quality, not ideology. I was particularly happy to see Orphan Black win best short dramatic work for the Clone Dance Party episode.

What is a bit sad is the long list of great nominated works in the short fiction categories who were squeezed out in the nominating process by block voting slates. For an idea of what the slate would have looked like without the block votes go to this post by Tobias Bucknell here.

This is based on this data released by the Hugo administrators details of the ballots cast and top nominated works.

For me this has solidified by resolve to be more than just a passive member of Worldcon and fandom in the future. I actually attended WSFS business meetings this year to help in shaping policy for future Worldcons. And I'm going to keep a tally of great stuff throughout the year and nominate in all categories for the Hugos next year.

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