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This is a long post with lots of text under the cut for specific panels.

Web Publishing and the Future of Magazines )

Return of the Killer Bs )

I took in a concert while I ate lunch and enjoyed the singer and cellist Unwoman

I’ve done a bit of dyeing in the past, both with chemical dyes and natural ones, so I was looking forward to learning some new techniques. The instructor was enthusiastic and not very organized. There were about five panels (out of more than 20) that I was interested in and since I hadn’t really done anything hands-on yet I took a gamble on this. I lost.

After the Shuttle: Our Next Spacecraft
Speculating on where space exploration is headed from an aerospace historian, an aeronautical engineer and an astrophysist/engineer.

Art Direction: What’s Involved )

Hugo awards ceremony )

The Superior Form: How Short Fiction Remains the Cutting Edge )

History of Masquerade )

Rest of the afternoon spent at Art auction and waiting in the UPS line to ship home a painting, Doorway in the Sand by Jeff Fennel . It was only $100, which is kind of a steal, but, hey, it was the end of the auction and no one was bidding against me. He’s one of the artists whose works really caught my eye at the Art Show and I’m very, very happy to have it.

Closing ceremonies wound things up and I’m contemplating doing this all over again next year at Chicon 7 in Chicago
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Friday was a long day, but there were panels I was interested in from the beginning of the day, so no sleeping in for me.

SF We Love by Writers of Color )

The Promise and Peril of Rebooting a Beloved Franchise )

Iron Chef Flash Fiction )

Who is This Robert E. Lee Person? How Much Background Information in Really Needed in Historical Fiction )

Scientific Romances of the Victorian Era )

I did manage to make time for a quick dinner before the Masquerade. I considered going to the fan photo area, but changed my mind and skipped taking pictures. It was my first masquerade ever and I wanted to enjoy it. And I did like it. So much, in fact, that it makes me think about costuming, something I haven’t done since my SCA days.
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On Thursday I discovered a great breakfast restaurant at the Peppermill and over the next few days I had a heavenly frittata, a rich and flavorful short rib hash and an unbelievably good huevos rancheros on a bed of black beans and masa corn cake. Well fortified, I walked to the convention center and browsed the dealer’s room until the 11:00 panel.
1960s 60 years on )

Photographing a Masquerade

There are two places to take pictures. Fan photography area for good posed shots & flash allowed. In the hall there is no flash allowed, so the quality might not be so great. There’s often no room for a tripod in the fan photo area so a monopod can be great, also useful for taking pictures seated in the audience.

If you don’t want to take pictures in the fan photo area, hall costumes can offer a great chance to take good shots. Ask first & thank afterwards

At this point I had to get some lunch and spent some time talking to people hanging out in Hall 2.

Miles Above: A Short Film About the Columbia )

Devo Spice concert
After the last panel, I decided to take in something a bit more upbeat, so I sat in on a short performance by sf, nerdy hip hop artist Devo Spice.

Chesley Awards and Art Show )
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I don’t why I never considered going to Worldcon in the past. I’d read about it, but somehow thought the con, and getting to vote on the Hugo Awards was something for other people. But this year Renovation in Reno hosted the con and since I hadn’t planned on any other con this year I decided to go.

I arrived on Tuesday and once I settled into the hotel I walked down to the convention center for early registration. My friend [ profile] ruamor lives in Reno, so I met up with her and her roommate, Patty, for dinner.

The con was running a shuttle from my hotel to the convention center, but I was too excited on Wednesday morning to wait for it so I walked. Taking my iPad was a great idea, it let me take notes during the panels. The choices were overwhelming, often a couple of dozen or more things to do in any given hour.

One of the first things I did was get my picture taken in the replica of the Game of Thrones throne, a popular choice all weekend long. The panels didn’t get underway until noon on the first day.

Green Chemistry )

Molecular Gastronomy: When You Have More Kitchen Gadgets Than Your Mom
Not really all that interesting, just sitting around talking about cooking technologies in an anecdotal way. No actual molecular gastronomy talked about.

Opening Ceremonies
Not too much to say about this, except that it did help me determine that I didn't especially want to go to the Tricky Pixie concert later on.

Social Media: Online Technologies and the Way We Will Live )

Before the Boom: Classic SF, Fantasy & Horror )

That’s it for day one. Dinner with friends and then I went back to my room to decompress.

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