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In a little over a week I pack my bags and head off to London for Loncon3, this year's Worldcon. Only one month left of summer and a lot of that will be eaten up with travel and there's so much that I wanted to get done.

For instance, the con report I kept putting off for the Peter Wingfield Fan Club Manchester Road Trip. Is it weird to keep having conventions for an actor who doesn't act anymore? Maybe, but it's a great chance to get together with friends and Peter still likes it, so sure, as long as it will fit into his schedule I bet we will keep doing them. Several times during the convention Peter kept making references to next time, so maybe in a couple of years when he's doing his residency we can sneak in another one.

At this con Valentine Pelka joined us and read passages from a novel he's working on. Writer Adam Whitlach is putting the final touches on a novelization of War of the World: Goliath, an animiated film in which Peter voices the lead. He and Peter read a bit of it and it sounds very good. We also had Skype calls with Mark Deklin (Peter's co-star from Riverworld, the club has sort of adopted him) and Eric Small who is the writer/producer/director of the 10,000 Days, a web series in which Peter played a pivotal role. There was so much going on, but in lieu of a real con report, I'll just leave this here.

I would like try to take pictures and write brief con reports from London, but what will probably happen is a few camera shots posted to Facebook and more detailed stuff when I get back.
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Since I'm not going to be writing up a con report here (it's going to appear in two parts in the LFT - the PWFC newsletter) I decided to go ahead and make this video slideshow to share.

To download directly

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Before I write the real con report, here's a taste of things from the vid contest.

This first two were an attempt to take similar footage and create two entirely different moods. In Holby City Dan Clifford was a notorious flirt, but his doomed relationship with his brother's wife brought showed a vulnerable side to his character.

Initially there was going to a category for vids with a Texas theme in the vid contest, but they only received mine. I decided to make something a bit meta - more about fans and Peter that Peter's work.

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Imagine a sea of lace and ruffles, pigtails and pink. Then imagine this vision of femininity belongs to a group of middle-aged men and you've got Sissies Gone Wild. On Saturday before we left for the party Bev and I encountered this group and both just had to take pictures. Unfortunately that was the last time I saw my camera.

On Sunday morning I checked with the front desk of my hotel and at the Marriott - no lost camera at either. The concierge at the Marriott did say there was a 24-hour camera store a couple of blocks away on 8th Ave. I remembered seeing it on Friday evening, so I made a mad dash and bought a replacement. Not particularly a bargain, but it wasn't overpriced, either.

This is the place in the story where you probably thought was going to be an account of the marathon and that was the original plan. But after talking to Ree, I've decided to write it up for LFT, the PWFC newsletter. So, if you're a member of the Peter Wingfield Fan Club, it will be in the next issue. And if you're not a member, why the heck not? Seriously, I never would have considered joining an actor's fan club until I met Peter, who is an utterly charming guy who is devoted to his fans. But the friends I've made in the group and the conscious decision I've made to support Project Edan are also two of the main reasons I keep the membership active. Oh, and the marathon donation site will still be active until Nov. 16. Looks like we'll meet the $15,000 goal.

So, sorry to disappoint, no story here but on the plus side, I'll write it up in much greater detail for LFT. Here's a couple more pictures from the weekend, though, and a link to the rest.

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