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One of the biggest reasons I love Worldcon is the Hugo Award ceremony. I love reading through the nominated works. I love the suspense of voting and checking my list of choices against the winners. And I love the ceremony itself where you see seasoned veteran writers and new, young writers all get recognition.

Sadly, my last day of panels )

And then I went back to the hotel to get ready for the Hugos. I always feel like I should at least make an effort to get out of jeans for the ceremonies. For the most part, my top picks all came in at least second. At least this year there were no winners that I strongly disliked, which has happened in the past. In case you're curious, here are the Hugo winners and picture of this year's winning base design.
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Saturdays panels featured poking at the flaws in Star Wars, bemoaning the lack of respect for knowledge in general media and culture, reveling in obscure cinema, and an exploration of history and myth in fantasy and sf. Top that off with too much time in the dealers' room, a fan fund auction and the masquerade, and it was a full day.

First the panels )

I bid, but didn't buy anything at the auction to support DUFF: The Down Under Fan Fund and The TransAtlantic Fan Fund , but maybe I'll do better next year. Both are worthy causes, but I was trying to stick to a very strict budget in order to save up for next year's cons.

After dinner I got in line early for the Masquerade. I know they have big screens on either side of the stage, but I still like to sit as close as possible. In line next to me was a high school age girl from Seattle who was attending her first con ever and having the time of her life. I showed her where to find out about GeekGirlCon and Norwescon in her home city and she is itching to join the Seattle con scene.
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The second full day at LoneStarCon and took in seven panels and strongly resisted temptation at the art show. There were some prints I liked a a couple of paintings that were tempting, but since I'm saving up for London next year, I resisted.

the eclectic panels of day 2 )

This was the one day I thought I'd make time for hitting some of the bid parties, but I was so tired after SF Squeecast that I just went out to dinner and had a quiet evening reading. I know, sounds lame, but sometimes vacation means kicking back and being lazy.
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While many of my friends were busy at Dragon Con, I headed toward San Antonio instead and managed to take in four days of LoneStarCon3, the 71st World Con. This was only my 3rd Worldcon and once again there was just not enough time for everything. There were media-related panels, panels on writing, panels on all aspects of sf and fantasy, interviews with authors, filk, film festival, science, and lots of lots of real NASA content - it was Texas, after all. I really had planned on taking in some films, but never got around to it. I also meant to take in some bid parties at night, but also didn't make it. Next year, I vow to party.

On to the panels )

And that's it for day one.

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