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I've got a long uninterrupted time to write, so I'll get through the rest of Saturday through the auction with this post. Hopefully I get to the concert and Sunday in my post tomorrow.

Peter came on stage and gave Lizzie a big hug, it's obvious watching these guys that they are real friends, not just people who once acted together. They talked about filming the Reunion dvd (which I still have not received) and Peter also talked about channeling Methos. He talked about doing this for photo shoots where his agent, Kelly, swears that someone else is looking back though his eyes. There was a lot said and discussed during this panel but I'm going to save the big write up for the article for the PWFC newsletter.

This brought us up to lunch. As everyone got seated I got some pictures of the audience and did a count. There were from 32-35 people total which makes for a very low fan-guest ratio. For practically all of us there this one fact made up for any deficits in planning and organization. How could you help having a good time? This picture from the stage with Stan's camera gives you a good idea of the crowd.

Just after lunch James and Marcus both joined us again. I remember having a good time, but for the life of me I can't recall any specifics of what they talked about. Braun came out and did a sword demo with Matt. This was fun to watch, but I couldn't help but think that it would have been great to have Lisa up there, too, Of course, no one knew until earlier the same day.

Finally it was Stan's turn. Having never seen Stan or met him in person I was really looking forward to it. He was thoughtful and quite serious most of the time. When asked what he was doing now he talked about learning the trade of directing, about teaching acting and about a studio that he's setting up. His focus will be working with new actors to get produce a show real for them. The theme in all this is very nice - he's found a niche that suits his interests and talents and also helps people new to the business get a foothold in the industry.

When asked what guest stars he liked working with on the show he immediately mentioned Ron Perlman. When he was a beginning actor he caught Perlman in a play on Broadway in New York that was very inspirational. He really enjoyed meeting him on Highlander and getting a chance to work with him. I think this is hilarious, in a way, since I have always liked that episode, The Messenger. Stan liked it, Peter liked it enough to select it for the Methos Rock dvds. And David doesn't like it at all nor is he fond of Perlman's portrayal and the fake Methos and he said as much once again when he joined Stan on stage.

Of course the death of Richie came up. Even after Stan and David had both responded fans kept hammering on this. Stan said that he really understood the reason Richie and was okay with it. But especially for some of newbies who had never had the chance to voice their opinions on this, the death of Richie is still a sore spot.

This brings us to the auction and a dilemma that I had. Prior to the con I had contacted Matt about an item that needed signing for the PWFC auction in Vegas. I asked if I could bring it along and either take it to the green room myself or have him do it to get some of the signatures we needed. He said it would be fine. When I registered he verified that it would be no problem. Problem was, I had no idea where there green room was. Under normal circumstances I would have approached the handler or minder assigned to guests to see if they could take it to be signed but in this case, except for David and Lizzie who brought their own person, I didn't think anyone was assigned to them. I finally decided to just take it along to the regular autograph session and explain the situation. It worked out fine and no one minded signing a second item for me when they understood that it was for Project Edan and not just me trying to wheedle an extra autograph out of them.

And that's enough for now. I'll cover the rest of the con in my next post.
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Saturday opened with Lisa Howard, who said that she had never been to a Highlander con in the US before. She turned out to be a delightful guest - more on her when I write about Sunday. One thing she did mention was that Dr. Anne didn't seem to have as much fun as the other characters, she wore boring scrubs and didn't get to do the stunts and sword fighting that the rest of cast got to to. David joined her and they talked about the choices that were made in writing and playing the character.

After Lisa left we had David's session. He talked about his original script for The Source, which incorporated Bill Panzer's general idea for the story while redeeming it with a pretty good storyline for the characters we love. Someone asked if he would ever post this on the internet. He said that would be up to Peter Davis. On the subject of the new remake of the original film, he said that there was a possibility that he might be a consultant on the project, but this is not a done deal.

Lizzie came out next. She said that she hadn't seen the source yet and several people gave her their opinions of it. After David left she talked about meeting her friend Ipo, the contessa, and about their collaborative writing project. She also read to us from the books.

And this brings up to Peter, but I've got to go and don't have time to write more just now.
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The first panel on Friday afternoon was Marcus Testory with Matt up on stage asking questions. Marcus said that he is still working as a paramedic and his now also teaching in that field. But his music career is definitely moving along well.

His band is planning a couple of concerts with a 40-piece orchestra. He doesn't know how many songs they'll perform yet as new arrangements need to be written. He's also working on a compilation of his music from the 80s to now and will be starting his own music label on his a new website. I asked if we could download still from the existing web site and he said to wait.

Braun was up next. He's got a new political satire website up as well, his Field Guide to the Right Wing' at He's also got a contract to write a book on fight choreography and that's what he's working seriously on right now. A lot of the usual HL questions were asked which he answered with his enthusiasm, which is nice. He may have heard the questions time and time again, but for the people asking it's new.

James Horan came up next and, although he did talk about his role as Grayson, he also discussed his voice work in video games and described the logistics of getting jobs in voice work. He also talked about how he got cast as Grayson about the Zorro series he had been working on immediately prior to that. Matt had gone to the airport to pick up the rest of the guests so he was up there on his own and did just fine. Just before we broke there was a HL trivia game.

That brings us to the meet and greet. As I walking to the ballroom I saw David and did something I'd been wanting to do for a long time. I asked if I could have my picture taken with him. He was happy to do it.

About that time I looked inside the ballroom and saw that Peter was already there. I quickly found a spot at the table and this was the start of a really great evening. Didn't get a chance to really talk to Peter since he was busy letting each fan get their picture taken with him. A couple of times he took over the cameras and tried to take a self portrait with them.

Because there were so few fans and so many guests, we got a lot of time with all of them. The exceptions were Stan, who didn't make to our table before he had to leave, and Lisa. Now, this wasn't because she left early (she was actually the last to leave) but because when she was at our table I was deep in discussion with Braun about history. It was also fun watching them take turns at the online chat that expanded Indylander to fans who couldn't make it.

And that brings us to the end of Friday, more to come.
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Arriving in Indianapolis I checked in and found Matthew Allen in the lobby, looking a bit stressed, but kind of understandable since this was his con and there were so many details to work out. After getting things settled in my room I went for a walk around the area, lots to see and do and a great spot for walking. When I got back I found Sharon G., Elaine, and Nora in the lobby. Nice to see them, especially Nora who has lost a lot of weight and is looking good.

Sharon and I had a walk around, came back to the hotel, met some more fans, had supper at the hotel and got our early registration in. I also got a look at where I could set up for PWFC in the morning. Normally I add my name to the con volunteer list, but this time I planned on manning a table for PWFC and taking a lot of pictures so I can put together an article for LFT, the PWFC newsletter.

Friday morning I got the table set up and Matt asked, since his photographer wasn't going to be able to make it, if I could share some of my pictures. Not a problem. Even though I wasn't taking F. Braun McAsh's knife fighting class or Stan Kirsch's acting class, I got a few shots of each for Matt, but didn't stick around. I wasn't registered for either class and didn't want to bother them by hanging around and taking pictures.

This brings me up to noon on Friday, just prior to opening ceremonies. More later.

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