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I'm going to compress the last 3 days into one entry. On Thursday we once again were joined by Braun. We loaded onto the bus and drove north to Capilano Provincial Park. I wrote in my journal 'breathtakingly beautiful' and 'a real jewel' but words just can't convey how wonderful this place was.

It was the place where they filmed the early part of Something Wicked where Duncan and Richie met Koltec. We went out to the bridge where the meeting took place and Braun talked to us about sword choreography. We were packed tightly on the bridge and Nancye was up close to get pictures. I know Braun was completely aware of where we were and where the tip of sword was, but Nancye's eyes kept getting bigger and bigger as she watched that sword swinging around.

While we were there Braun's wife, Mary joined us. I had a chance to chat with her a bit and asked her if she ever visited the Highlander set while they were filming in Vancouver. She said that she had dropped in about 3 times a year or so. We walked around a bit and went into the visitor's center where there was a fish ladder. This is a series of terraced pools that allow the salmon to jump upstream. They are erected in the Northwest when a dam is built that would obstruct the salmon from reaching the spawning beds.

We loaded up onto the bus and drove to Horseshoe Bay. The bus was equiped with little televisions and a dvd player and Nic had a complete set of dvds so we watched Something Wicked on the way. We stopped at a rocky point where Duncan and Cassandra met Kantos. Mary McAsh had gone along ahead and met us there.

From there we went to the town at Horseshoe Bay and did a bit of sight-seeing around the marina until our table was ready. Braun's wife didn't join us at lunch but he did, once again moving around the tables during the courses.

The plan after lunch was to go out to the lighthouse, but we finally reached the limit of what our bus driver could do; there was no road that would accomodate a tour bus. We dropped off Aine to do some filming and Cheryl who wanted to accompany her and went instead to a small park, Ambleside Park, and had a nice walk along the beach.

We met at the hotel to watch David's Leeds documentary and the Bill Panzer/Dennis Berry Paris tour and had supper in the hotel. More videos after dinner.

Friday we finally had a day with no special guest. We drove out to the park along English Bay. At this point I have no notes, I'm sure something was filmed here, but I don't remember what. Thomas was feeding the sea gull that swarmed around him. It was a short drive over to Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park. Once again, don't know what might have been filmed here, but it was a nice place to walk around.

As we were walking around the park, someone asked us if we had seen the raccoons. They pointed us in the right direction and we found an old man feeding cat food to about 8 raccoons. As we left someone pointed to the ground at the man's feet. He was sitting there with a pile of sticks. We found Stick Boy! He's retired to Vancouver and feeds the wild life in the park!

We drove to the area under the Granville Island Bridge where Duncan took Koltec's quickening.

Then we drove around trying to find a spot that, apparently, we couldn't get to on the bus. We stopped at a little park briefly and then those that wanted to went on to the Granville Island Market for the afternoon. Fantastic indoor farmer's market and a warren of shops with great fine crafts and other things. We were on our own for dinner. I met up with Thomas, Karin, Ina and Uschi and we went to the Keg.

Saturday morning we split into two groups. The bus dropped some off so they could hike out to the lighthouse. The rest of us went on to Lynn Canyon Park where we went onto the suspension bridge, hiked around a bit and had a bite in the cafe.

Once we were all back on the bus we went to the North Vancouver Cemetery where they shot scenes from Leader of the Pack, Band of Brothers, and other episodes. And that was it, the tour was over. I went with Beatrice to grab some lunch and then we went to the Georgia O'Keefe exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery and to a bookstore on Robson.

Back in my room to pack, then a bunch of us met for dinner at the hotel and my Vancouver tour was over.

Once again, if you want to see all the pictures, go here:
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