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I love Festivids - it’s one of my favorite fannish things of the year because everyone is on equal footing before reveals. Each vid you watch could be a real gem and without the vidder's name attached you go into it with no pre-conceptions. I also love finding new movies and shows through vids. My Netflix queue fills up more than usual after Festivids

My assignment was Queen of Swords for My assignment was Queen of Swords for
[personal profile] rhoboat. I love her vids and was a little apprehensive that she wouldn't like this, but she claims I made her giggle profusely, which makes me very happy. I wish I had some great story about why I chose Sapphire Bullets of Love by They Might Be Giants for the vid, but I just don’t remember the thought process that led up to it.

It was important to me to show the constant tension between Colonel Montoya and Doctor Helm. I knew I wanted to end with Montoya giving Helm his dagger and Helm accepting it. It seemed to be both phallic and submissive.

I decided to make a treat, if possible, this year and I had recently rewatched The Grapes of Wrath so decided on making a treat for the only person requesting a vid for that movie, [personal profile] isis. At first I planned on using one of Woody Guthrie's dust bowl ballads for this vid, but Who Will Comfort Me by Melody Gardot came up on a Pandora playlist and I knew I had to focus on Ma Joad, Jane Darwell's Oscar winning performance as the woman who holds her family together no matter what is so wonderful. I love this vid and it still makes me tear up at certain points.

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