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I loved my assignment, which was to make a  vid for jetpack_monkey for the classic movie, The Third Man.  The director, Carol Reed, uses great lighting and off-kilter camera angles to great effect in this noir nod to post-war Vienna, a city suffering from the aftermath of WWII. I first saw this in Vienna in the summer of 1993 a movie theater that continues to show the film regularly. The hardest part for me was finding the right music. I knew I wanted an instrumental piece that built the tension in just the right way and had some way to highlight the big reveal of Orson Welles' character about half-way through. Faceoff by Kevin MacLeod was great, although I wish it have been a bit longer.

I decided to make a treat for odessie, a vid for The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot. I got the chance to ask Peter Davison about how it was made at a little DW con in Wichita last fall and spurred me on to the search for just the right song.  Frank Sinatra to the rescue with Pick Yourself Up.

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Festivids is live so I know what I'm going to do with the rest of my weekend. First and foremost, the wonderful Galavan vid with lots of love for King Richard that was made just for me Stayin' Alive
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I love character study vids, funny vids, vids that focus on motion - anything that honors the source and inspires you would be fantastic. Musically, whatever inspires you is find with me. Id probably not be happy with heavy metal or country, but seriously, what inspires you - go for it.

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This summer I rewatched You, Me, and the Apocalypse for a multi-fandom vid I've been working on and decided I would definitely nominate that source for Festivids and offer to vid it. I totally forgot to nominate the show, but thought, no sweat, surely someone else must have shown the show a little love. Checked the list of nominated fandoms and it's not there. Well, shit.
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Before signing up for Festivids I had four strong ideas for vids I might make in four fandoms. When I was paired with [personal profile] elipie to make a Mr. Robot vid I was very happy and very sure I would be using Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones. When I started laying it out in my mind it soon became apparent that this just wasn't going to work for me. On to plan B.

I thought I might try something different and use a spoken word audio source. I found a fantastic reading of If by Rudyard Kipling that was perfect. Perfect, that is, until I started laying down clips and, once again, it just wasn't working for me. On to plan C.

It occurred to me that maybe something that had a more computer-generated sound would be good and I stumbled on Kevin MacLeod's royalty-free site and that lead me to this song, Blipotron that built in exactly the right way for the way I wanted to dissect Elliot's fragmented mind and world.

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Festivids go live is today and, of course, the first thing I did was watch this lovely vid made just for me. Chopped is one of my favorite shows but I had no hopes I would actually get a vid for it. This wonderful vid captures the tension, the struggle to get it right, the weird ingredients that are thrown at the contestants and the wonderful judges. It's everything I hoped for and more.

Here It Goes Again

I'll try to watch most all the vids during the week and will post a list of those I loved best soon. I've got to get back to my major Doctor Who marathon. I want to get through the rest of Classic Who before I leave for Gallifrey One on Feb. 11 and I just found out that both Hulu and Netflix are pulling the show from their line up. I'm not sure if that means both the classic and modern shows, but I've just started season 26 so I think I can finish it off this weekend.
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I had a bright idea to try something new and different for Festivids, but after struggling with it for a month I've thrown in the towel. I've got to scrap that idea and start over.

Sigh. Don't think I'll be making and treats of pinch hits this year.
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I'm the kind of vidder who finds motivation in the source or in a particular piece of music, so I would want to dictate what you'll use for my vid. I might balk a bit at heavy metal, but other than that whatever moves you to vid and fits the source is fine by me. I'm inordinately fond of humor in vids and all but one of my requested sources are just calling out for humor.

The Man From Uncle (2015 - Movie)
For me this movie was a love letter to the Sixties, all about the style and slick action. That opening chase scene must be one of my favs of all time. If you let a little Napoleon/Illya slash sneak in, I wouldn't object

Big Trouble in Little China
This movie needs a campy, over-the-top vid featuring the wanna be hero Jack Burton or the real hero, Wang.

The Martian
Mark Watney is such a big ball of humor and hope and resourcefulness. I like his time back on the Hermes, too. And the guy who came up with the plan to go back and save him. And just about everything. Hey, vidder, if you love it too, I'm sure I'll love your vid.

Key and Peele
One of the best and most versatile comedy sketch shows on tv, I love their geekiness and respect for women. I'm so bummed their show was cancelled, I'd love a vid that encapsulates the crazyness and social commentary that is also very, very funny.

Campy. My Archer vid needs to be campy and heavy on Lana and Sterling, with just a touch of Woodhouse.

These last two might be harder to vid but, Dear Festividder, I'll love so much more if you can pull it off.

A movie about a man dying of cancer - how did this become one of my favorite movies of all time? Akira Kurasawa sculpts a story of a man who finds a joy for living in the face of death and Takashi Shimura drives it home with his brilliant performance.

This is my tv crack. I never get tired of watching, even episode I've seen several times before. The drama! The crazy ingredients! I've go no idea how you'd vid it, but I'd be eternally grateful if you could.
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Reveals for Festivids happened while I was at Gallifrey One . I also a month behind getting a con report written, but that's a problem for another day.

My asignment for a Fargo vid for [personal profile] deelaundry. I absolutely loved this show and has some vague ideas for a vid when searching for a song I had a revelation. You normally wouldn't think of a beloved children's animated Christmas special and an amoral killer who loves to spread chaos, but seriously this song was written just for Lorne Malvo.

Creating a vid for Doctor Strangelove has been in the back of my mind for several years, but this year it was one of the fandoms nominated for Festivids and when I saw that [personal profile] colls requested this movie I decided to make this treat. Originally I was thinking about using something like Tom Lehrer, but then I stumbled across this, a song inspired by the movie.
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I thought I'd already mentioned these two vids for The Flash, but totally missed posting about them. I love the energy of this show and the characters and these two vids best capture my feels for this show. Barry!!!

The Flash The Runner
The Flash Scientist
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I love Festivids, as a chance to both make and receive vids for fandoms that need a little love. This year I’m determined to watch at least a little of each vid, it’s one way to get introduced to movies and shows that are fantastic and unfamiliar.

I received two vids this year and they are both wonderful if very different. Every year I request a vid for Good Eats and this is the first time that wish has been granted. The Creationist blends the show, Alton Brown’s live shows and his attitude towards food and cooking into a delightful stew of goodness.

One of my favorite movies of 2013 was Gravity, a movie that I was happy to vote for and see win a Hugo Award. It was a visually stunning view of space as a beautiful and hostile place for humans and showed how one astronaut used luck, science and determination to save herself. Nothing but Time beautifully captures all of this and brought me to tears as I watched.

14 Blades (Duel)
I haven’t seen the movie, but this vid shows how stunning an instrumental action vid can be.

Gone Tech (Almost Human)
Once you gone tech, you ain't never going back. I miss this show, so much!

Sugar Shack (Antique)
This vid is charming and ’sweet’ and now I’ve got another movie to track down.

Dance (Armour of God series)
With Jackie Chan, fight choreography IS dance choreography!

I Am What I Am (Batman - the Adam West series
The whole campy Bat Family

Big Hero 6

Nov. 23rd, 2014 09:17 am
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I've finished my Festivids assignment and I hope the recipient loves it as much as I loved making it. Now I'm left with more vidding energy but no project I want to work on. I've looked through the list of Festivids signups but didn't see anything that inspired me to make a treat.

I think what I really want to vid is Big Hero 6, which I just saw a few days ago. Great balance of characters, beautifully conceived universe, fantastic message of caring, and homage to applied science as a good thing - I want to watch this with my granddaughters and I really want to vid it. But I'm going to wait until good quality source is legitimately available. In the meantime, I'm going to have this in my backbrain as I listen to music, looking for just the right song.
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Dear Festividder, before I say anything else let me start with thia: Thank you! That someone else shares my obscure fannish loves is so wonderful.

Song choice I'll leave totally up to you. I've got fairly broad taste in music and love finding new artists and songs, so even if you use something I've never heard of, I'll be happy. Also, if you vid like I do, vidding inspiration is so tied up in song choice that I would hate to muddle you're creative process.

Here's my wish list.

3rd Rock from the Sun
I'd absolutely love a vid focusing on Sally or Tommy or anything, really, highlighting the sheer insanity of the show.

Good Eats
This is my “Please, Santa, bring me a pony” Festivids request. Every year I ask for a Good Eats vid. And every year I do not get one, just like Santa's lifelong failure to bring me my beautiful pony. At this point I’d love any vid at all with Alton Brown and his puppets and his props and his food.

Europa Report
I'm not sure what kind of vid I want for this movie, but I can tell what I liked about it. I am an absolute sucker for stories of space exploration, for examining what it takes to live together in the enclosed space of a ship, for the wonder and terror of the unknown.

Ryan Stone’s sheer determination to keep struggling against the seemingly hopeless situation and her drive to survive made me love her and and the movie so much.

A vid all about Arkady Balagan, his arrogance and flaws and quirky approach to helping those who come to him would make be very, very happy.

War of the Worlds: Goliath
Any vid at all for this movie would be wonderful, but I particularly like the dieselpunk atmosphere and the way the Eric Wells and his team pull together to kick Martian ass. And Teddy Roosevelt! A kick-ass Teddy Roosevelt vid would be sweet, too.

Queen of Swords
Colonel Luis Montoya makes my heart go pitty-pat. Add a side helping of Dr. Helm and I’d be even more delighted.


Sep. 1st, 2014 06:20 pm
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Nominations should begin this month for [community profile] festivids so I've been making a tentative mental list of fandoms to request and fandoms to offer. Now I've got the ideal song for a particular source and, damn, I've got no guarantees that anyone's even going to request it. Even so, I'm going to start checking the best way to acquire source for this.

I do love [community profile] festivids!
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Reveals are up, and I now know that sabinetzin made the wonderful the Monty Python vid Banging Them Together

I made two vids this year: I’m British, a Sleepy Hollow vid for sabaceanbabe

and Madness, a Warm Bodies vid for Dayln

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It's going to take me a while to get through all the vids, but one thing I've noted in watching vids and reading everyone's vid squee is just how wonderful Festivids is. Of course there's all the small fandoms that deserve a little more recognition. But there's also the sheer variety of vids; there's literally something for everyone. You like your vids sweet and schmoopy, horror-movie creepy, girl powery - Festivids has something for you. Costume dramas, cop shows, sf, Bollywood, urban fantasy, vintage black-and-white movies and more, all vidded.

On to my latest batch of recs.

Stop Dragging My Heart Around
(Indiana Jones)
All Star (Lego Lord of the Rings)
9 to 5 (Lego Star Wars)
Drop (Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou)
A Night Like This Marx Brothers movies)
Sex Yeah (Masters of Sex)
Sexyback (Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries)
The Edge of Glory (Mulan)
Dirtee Disco (The Muppet Show)
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Just thought I’d leave a few recs here from Day 1 of Festivids viewing. There’s over 200 vids and I’ll at least take a peek at each of them. Today, these are the vids that moved me and made laugh or cry or love the source all over again.

Banging Them Together (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)
Feelling Good (Agents of Shield)
Run the World (Agents of Shield)
How Does it Feel (Almost Famous)
Who Are You, Defenders of the Universe (The Americans)
Ready for the Storm (Apollo 13)
This Could All be Yours (Big)
Learn to Fly (Brave)
Adam Raised a Cain (Caprica)
Keep Breathing (Chariots of Fire)
Living Backwards (The Ghost and Mrs. Muir)
221B And A Half (The Great Mouse Detective)
What Sharp Teeth You Have (Hanna)
Do My Thing (The Heat)
Flight Path (How to Train Your Dragon)

It's clearly going to take me a while to get through this list. Oh, how I suffer :-)


Jan. 26th, 2014 10:41 am
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[community profile] festivids is live and I'm just going to make a pot of coffee and sink into vids for the rest of the day.

I got a wonderful, absurd and funny gift - everything a vid for Monty Python and Holy Grail should be! I'll be posting links and recs after reveals.
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I've finished my Festivids assignment and it looks like I might actually finish a second that will either be a treat for someone or, possibly, a pinch hit if one comes up that includes this particular fandom.

The end of next June I'm going to be going to to Britishfest in Omaha. It looks like a lot of fun for fans of Brtish tv, movies and other media. I've volunteered to do a vidshow so I'm compiling a list of vids to consider. I'm also considering cosplay. If I can figure out how to get the feet done, I might just try for a lady hobbit.
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I've got a review article to write for a newsletter, holiday plans to make, a whole list of movies I want to watch and the TBR book pile keeps growing, but damn I'm on a roll with [community profile] festivids. The vid for my assignment is going great and in listening to some new music this morning an idea for a treat just dropped into my lap. Don't know if I'll have time, but damn I'll try.

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