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I've had to bow out of Britishfest, but I should be posting con reports for the little PWFC con in Manchester, New Hampshire in June and for Loncon3 in August. I've actually offered to be on panels at Loncon3 relating to vidding and other fan remix activities and they followed up by asking me for best times and so forth, so it looks like that's a go. I also offered to put together an sf-themed vidshow, but haven't heard back on that.

Even though I've got two vids for Vividcon, I won't be making this year. Too many cons and not enough time or money. I've got a vid plotted out for Sleepy Hollow that I hope to get done before the new season starts, but we'll see.

The two non-convention, non-vidding fannish things I really want to do this summer are to plunge into tumblr and to add my vids to AO3. I know that's where I usually go these days to prowl for fanfic and, sometimes, vids, so it just makes sense. So far I only have a couple up,
Stuff is Way , the Memento vid I premiered last year at VVC, and I'm British , the Sleepy Hollow vid I did for Festivids this year.
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Coming home on the train from a visit to Connecticut this week i found myself seated in the dining car next to a young woman reading Paul Cornell's London Falling, a book that's on my buy-and-read shortlist. We started talking about Worldcon and fandom and Doctor Who and Wiscon, which she normally attends and I've been thinking about going to. Then, yesterday morning on arriving at Chicago I bumped into Jo Walton, author of Among Others. Wish I'd known she also had a roomette in my sleeper car, I would have bought her a drink in the lounge car since she's always seemed like an amiable person. Turns out Jo is on her way to Wiscon where she's a GoH. Small world indeed.

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