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I've tweaked my Premieres vid enough and it's uploading as I type. I thought I had an idea for a new project, but as listened to the music a few more times and rewatched season 8 of Doctor Who, the inspiration pretty much evaporated, so I don't know what I want to do next. I have a couple of ideas that really aren't quite fanvids, I don't know what you might call them.

The first one came to be literally in a dream. I dreamed that I vidded Bob Dylan's Masters of War with print ads and promotional footage of military industry contractors, interlaced with photos and headlines of industry lobbyists and elected officials. I also worked in portions of President Eisenhower's Chance for Peace speech and Farewell Address that serve as cautions from the 1950s against letting the military contractors gain a foothold over driving the legislative agenda. I'm conflicted about this. On the one hand it sound very, very doable. On the other, it's far more political and work-related for my comfort for reasons that I don't want to discuss in fannish spaces.

The second idea, that I'm still interested in, revolves around the gentrification of eclectic urban spaces. This one comes directly from listening way too many times to What's Happened to Soho by The Correspondents. I'd like to use historical footage and photographs compared to modern for entertainment districts, not just in London, but elsewhere. I've been casually browsing the internet for sources and historical background, but this isn't something that would come together quickly.

In the meantime, I just finished Daredevil and OMG is this some good shit! I wish I was inspired to vid the show, but I think I may have to just settle for looking for things other people have done instead.

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