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HLWW is the reason I started going to cons, I made lifelong friends at these conventions. I was driven to learn to vid because of these conventions. I toured Highlander filming locations in Vancouver with HLWW. And the last con (back in 2009) I did a panel on the history of Highlander vids, I got to interview producer Ken Gord for a HL fanzine, made or selected vids to open each of the actor panels, and basically had the time of my life.

Am I excited? Hell, yeah!

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I was going to rant about this on FB, but reconsidered, thinking that my journal would be more private. Last year I attended ConQuesT (an annual science fiction convention in Kansas City) for the first time, mainly because George RR Martin was one of the guests of honor. Mark Oshiro was the fan guest of honor. I'd seen them both on panels at Worldcons and thought it would be great to see them closer to home. I had an okay, but not great time, but sat in a couple of panels where the paternalistic subtle racist homophobia seemed a little close to the surface.

I hadn't planned on coming back this year, but they had Seanan McGuire and Nnedi Okorafor coming and I love their writing, so I went ahead and registered and made my hotel reservations. Later I found out that Mark Oshiro, a gay fan of color, was treated poorly by the 2015 con com and by fellow panelists on one of his panels.

Nnedi and Seanan had a panel together this afternoon. The moderator was well meaning but not particularly good at stimulating dialogue. He also had a bit of that mainsplainy attitude that obviously frustrated both women on the panel. I say obviously, but he was oblivious to it. The worst thing, though, was from the fourth member of the panel, an older white guy who had been part of the problematic panel last year with Mark Oshiro. He showed up late, apologizing but using the interruption to draw attention to himself. There were two empty seats at the table next to Nnedi, but instead of sitting next to the black woman he dragged a chair to the side of the table so he could sit next to the moderator, the only guy. Then the late panelist persisted in pronouncing Seanan's name wrong until the moderator finally corrected him. It was a generally uncomfortable experience capped off by the jerk taking a left turn into Christian theology, wedging it into the conversation where it didn't fit at all.

I met Seanan in the hall later and told her I was sorry for the crappy panel but hoped the rest of the con went better for her. She was accompanied by a member of con staff who said that this was definitely going to be her last year working on the con. I won't be coming back either, I don't care what writers they bring in.


Aug. 7th, 2015 07:24 am
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I arrived last night and was musing about how I feel both connected and disconnected to the VVC community. This is probably due to: 1) I only make it to VVC about every other year 2)Club Vivid is just totally not my thing (absolutely not a party/dancing person) and 3) I'm a bit shy about just walking up to people and starting a conversation.

But don't think that any of that means I won't have a fantastic time. The vidshows can be fun but what I always look forward to the most are panels and premieres. Every time I come to VVC I get more inspiration on how to improve either my technical or my creative vidding process and it is so energizing. And Premieres! The energy is so great, especially in the overflow room where I like to sit through the show.

I'm glad this year that I was able to get a flight back late enough on Sunday that I should be able to make it all the way through Vid Review. Although this can be a little stressful when my vid comes up for review, it is also like listening to a giant beta session, with everyone analyzing how the premieres vids either did or didn't work. Years ago at my first VVC I was really nervous about Vid Review, but it turned out to be a great experience.

Unfortunately I won't be able to stay for In Depth Review or Challenge or the Auction vids. At least I'll be able to catch those on the dvd, but there's nothing like watching new vids in a room full of avid vidders and vid-lovers.
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In a little over a week I pack my bags and head off to London for Loncon3, this year's Worldcon. Only one month left of summer and a lot of that will be eaten up with travel and there's so much that I wanted to get done.

For instance, the con report I kept putting off for the Peter Wingfield Fan Club Manchester Road Trip. Is it weird to keep having conventions for an actor who doesn't act anymore? Maybe, but it's a great chance to get together with friends and Peter still likes it, so sure, as long as it will fit into his schedule I bet we will keep doing them. Several times during the convention Peter kept making references to next time, so maybe in a couple of years when he's doing his residency we can sneak in another one.

At this con Valentine Pelka joined us and read passages from a novel he's working on. Writer Adam Whitlach is putting the final touches on a novelization of War of the World: Goliath, an animiated film in which Peter voices the lead. He and Peter read a bit of it and it sounds very good. We also had Skype calls with Mark Deklin (Peter's co-star from Riverworld, the club has sort of adopted him) and Eric Small who is the writer/producer/director of the 10,000 Days, a web series in which Peter played a pivotal role. There was so much going on, but in lieu of a real con report, I'll just leave this here.

I would like try to take pictures and write brief con reports from London, but what will probably happen is a few camera shots posted to Facebook and more detailed stuff when I get back.
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I've had to bow out of Britishfest, but I should be posting con reports for the little PWFC con in Manchester, New Hampshire in June and for Loncon3 in August. I've actually offered to be on panels at Loncon3 relating to vidding and other fan remix activities and they followed up by asking me for best times and so forth, so it looks like that's a go. I also offered to put together an sf-themed vidshow, but haven't heard back on that.

Even though I've got two vids for Vividcon, I won't be making this year. Too many cons and not enough time or money. I've got a vid plotted out for Sleepy Hollow that I hope to get done before the new season starts, but we'll see.

The two non-convention, non-vidding fannish things I really want to do this summer are to plunge into tumblr and to add my vids to AO3. I know that's where I usually go these days to prowl for fanfic and, sometimes, vids, so it just makes sense. So far I only have a couple up,
Stuff is Way , the Memento vid I premiered last year at VVC, and I'm British , the Sleepy Hollow vid I did for Festivids this year.
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One of the biggest reasons I love Worldcon is the Hugo Award ceremony. I love reading through the nominated works. I love the suspense of voting and checking my list of choices against the winners. And I love the ceremony itself where you see seasoned veteran writers and new, young writers all get recognition.

Sadly, my last day of panels )

And then I went back to the hotel to get ready for the Hugos. I always feel like I should at least make an effort to get out of jeans for the ceremonies. For the most part, my top picks all came in at least second. At least this year there were no winners that I strongly disliked, which has happened in the past. In case you're curious, here are the Hugo winners and picture of this year's winning base design.
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Saturdays panels featured poking at the flaws in Star Wars, bemoaning the lack of respect for knowledge in general media and culture, reveling in obscure cinema, and an exploration of history and myth in fantasy and sf. Top that off with too much time in the dealers' room, a fan fund auction and the masquerade, and it was a full day.

First the panels )

I bid, but didn't buy anything at the auction to support DUFF: The Down Under Fan Fund and The TransAtlantic Fan Fund , but maybe I'll do better next year. Both are worthy causes, but I was trying to stick to a very strict budget in order to save up for next year's cons.

After dinner I got in line early for the Masquerade. I know they have big screens on either side of the stage, but I still like to sit as close as possible. In line next to me was a high school age girl from Seattle who was attending her first con ever and having the time of her life. I showed her where to find out about GeekGirlCon and Norwescon in her home city and she is itching to join the Seattle con scene.
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The second full day at LoneStarCon and took in seven panels and strongly resisted temptation at the art show. There were some prints I liked a a couple of paintings that were tempting, but since I'm saving up for London next year, I resisted.

the eclectic panels of day 2 )

This was the one day I thought I'd make time for hitting some of the bid parties, but I was so tired after SF Squeecast that I just went out to dinner and had a quiet evening reading. I know, sounds lame, but sometimes vacation means kicking back and being lazy.
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While many of my friends were busy at Dragon Con, I headed toward San Antonio instead and managed to take in four days of LoneStarCon3, the 71st World Con. This was only my 3rd Worldcon and once again there was just not enough time for everything. There were media-related panels, panels on writing, panels on all aspects of sf and fantasy, interviews with authors, filk, film festival, science, and lots of lots of real NASA content - it was Texas, after all. I really had planned on taking in some films, but never got around to it. I also meant to take in some bid parties at night, but also didn't make it. Next year, I vow to party.

On to the panels )

And that's it for day one.
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Picking back up with the PWFC con in Portland, Saturday was so crammed with con goodness that I had to split it into two parts. Here’s the rest for that day, including a couple of great panels, an outstanding concert and a new scene for Joe Dawson and Methos.

Sunday to follow soon.

Peter and Edan )

Sanctuary )

The concert - or the musical guys and Gillian’s wonderful talent )
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David Abramowitz’s panel with info on the Highlander remake )

The panel where Peter read stuff )

Auction and autographs )

And that’s it for tonight. It looks like I might be splitting the con report into four parts instead of three, so come back in a couple of days for more.
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I just realized that I’ve been back from the recent Peter Wingfield Fan Club convention in Portland for almost two weeks and still haven’t written up a con report so for the next few days I plan to rectify that situation. It was a wonderful time meeting up with friends and catching up with Peter. As GOH we had club perennial favorites David Abramowitz and Jim Byrnes and for the first time Gillian Horvath joined us. Lots of great info about Peter’s last few projects before med school, Highlander, Sanctuary and more.

Wednesday through Friday )

If you haven’t already been subjected to my con photos, you can find them here
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I just got back from the Peter Wingfield Fan Club con in Portland. It was absolutely fantastic and full of Sanctuary & Highlander goodness but the con report is going to have to wait until later after I've unpacked. Meanwhile, I do have links for the vids that I made for the con.

The first, Doctor Wingfield, is a montage of some of Peter's roles as a doctor on tv. [ profile] ruamor asked me to make it as a nod to Peter's return to medical school and hiatus (or retirement?) from acting and I was very happy to oblige. This isn't on YouTube, but you can download it directly.

download Doctor Wingfield

We also had a vid show, dedicated to the memory of Harlene Finn who organized the first PWFC vid show at the con in Las Vegas several years ago. I was already working on this idea and decided to go ahead and premiere it at the con. I've heard more than one British actor comment on the fact that American television tends to typecast British actors as bad guys. Peter even mentioned this in an interview a few years ago. A decided to focus on some of his early work, mostly from the UK, where he is definitely a romantic lead, and contrast it with some of his 'bad guy' roles. A big thanks to [ profile] franzeska for her excellent beta.

Live and Let Die
stream on YouTube
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This is a long post with lots of text under the cut for specific panels.

Web Publishing and the Future of Magazines )

Return of the Killer Bs )

I took in a concert while I ate lunch and enjoyed the singer and cellist Unwoman

I’ve done a bit of dyeing in the past, both with chemical dyes and natural ones, so I was looking forward to learning some new techniques. The instructor was enthusiastic and not very organized. There were about five panels (out of more than 20) that I was interested in and since I hadn’t really done anything hands-on yet I took a gamble on this. I lost.

After the Shuttle: Our Next Spacecraft
Speculating on where space exploration is headed from an aerospace historian, an aeronautical engineer and an astrophysist/engineer.

Art Direction: What’s Involved )

Hugo awards ceremony )

The Superior Form: How Short Fiction Remains the Cutting Edge )

History of Masquerade )

Rest of the afternoon spent at Art auction and waiting in the UPS line to ship home a painting, Doorway in the Sand by Jeff Fennel . It was only $100, which is kind of a steal, but, hey, it was the end of the auction and no one was bidding against me. He’s one of the artists whose works really caught my eye at the Art Show and I’m very, very happy to have it.

Closing ceremonies wound things up and I’m contemplating doing this all over again next year at Chicon 7 in Chicago
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Friday was a long day, but there were panels I was interested in from the beginning of the day, so no sleeping in for me.

SF We Love by Writers of Color )

The Promise and Peril of Rebooting a Beloved Franchise )

Iron Chef Flash Fiction )

Who is This Robert E. Lee Person? How Much Background Information in Really Needed in Historical Fiction )

Scientific Romances of the Victorian Era )

I did manage to make time for a quick dinner before the Masquerade. I considered going to the fan photo area, but changed my mind and skipped taking pictures. It was my first masquerade ever and I wanted to enjoy it. And I did like it. So much, in fact, that it makes me think about costuming, something I haven’t done since my SCA days.
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On Thursday I discovered a great breakfast restaurant at the Peppermill and over the next few days I had a heavenly frittata, a rich and flavorful short rib hash and an unbelievably good huevos rancheros on a bed of black beans and masa corn cake. Well fortified, I walked to the convention center and browsed the dealer’s room until the 11:00 panel.
1960s 60 years on )

Photographing a Masquerade

There are two places to take pictures. Fan photography area for good posed shots & flash allowed. In the hall there is no flash allowed, so the quality might not be so great. There’s often no room for a tripod in the fan photo area so a monopod can be great, also useful for taking pictures seated in the audience.

If you don’t want to take pictures in the fan photo area, hall costumes can offer a great chance to take good shots. Ask first & thank afterwards

At this point I had to get some lunch and spent some time talking to people hanging out in Hall 2.

Miles Above: A Short Film About the Columbia )

Devo Spice concert
After the last panel, I decided to take in something a bit more upbeat, so I sat in on a short performance by sf, nerdy hip hop artist Devo Spice.

Chesley Awards and Art Show )
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I don’t why I never considered going to Worldcon in the past. I’d read about it, but somehow thought the con, and getting to vote on the Hugo Awards was something for other people. But this year Renovation in Reno hosted the con and since I hadn’t planned on any other con this year I decided to go.

I arrived on Tuesday and once I settled into the hotel I walked down to the convention center for early registration. My friend [ profile] ruamor lives in Reno, so I met up with her and her roommate, Patty, for dinner.

The con was running a shuttle from my hotel to the convention center, but I was too excited on Wednesday morning to wait for it so I walked. Taking my iPad was a great idea, it let me take notes during the panels. The choices were overwhelming, often a couple of dozen or more things to do in any given hour.

One of the first things I did was get my picture taken in the replica of the Game of Thrones throne, a popular choice all weekend long. The panels didn’t get underway until noon on the first day.

Green Chemistry )

Molecular Gastronomy: When You Have More Kitchen Gadgets Than Your Mom
Not really all that interesting, just sitting around talking about cooking technologies in an anecdotal way. No actual molecular gastronomy talked about.

Opening Ceremonies
Not too much to say about this, except that it did help me determine that I didn't especially want to go to the Tricky Pixie concert later on.

Social Media: Online Technologies and the Way We Will Live )

Before the Boom: Classic SF, Fantasy & Horror )

That’s it for day one. Dinner with friends and then I went back to my room to decompress.
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Since I'm not going to be writing up a con report here (it's going to appear in two parts in the LFT - the PWFC newsletter) I decided to go ahead and make this video slideshow to share.

To download directly

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Before I write the real con report, here's a taste of things from the vid contest.

This first two were an attempt to take similar footage and create two entirely different moods. In Holby City Dan Clifford was a notorious flirt, but his doomed relationship with his brother's wife brought showed a vulnerable side to his character.

Initially there was going to a category for vids with a Texas theme in the vid contest, but they only received mine. I decided to make something a bit meta - more about fans and Peter that Peter's work.

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It occurred to me this week that I hadn’t done a slideshow for HLWW9 yet, so here it is. Gave me a chance to play around with Garageband a bit more to create the soundtrack.

Download link:

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