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I had a bright idea to try something new and different for Festivids, but after struggling with it for a month I've thrown in the towel. I've got to scrap that idea and start over.

Sigh. Don't think I'll be making and treats of pinch hits this year.
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While I debate on whether to start working on my Festivids assignment or the treat I want to make, it just occurred to me that I hadn't ever posted on my stint as a podcast guest. A few weeks we were contacted at the Eisenhower Presidential Library by Tatiana is Everyone, an Orphan Black podcast, to talk to someone about Eisenhower's Farewell Address. My boss and I are both big fans of the show, and I have also done a lot of work with key documents to that speech, so I was happy to do it, but a bit curious why. It turns out that last season all of the episode titles were taken from this speech.

It was a lot of fun and the podcast was released this month.

Tatiana is Everyone

And if you are at all curious about the Farewell Address here is the video of the speech and the full text of the Farewell Address
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I'm the kind of vidder who finds motivation in the source or in a particular piece of music, so I would want to dictate what you'll use for my vid. I might balk a bit at heavy metal, but other than that whatever moves you to vid and fits the source is fine by me. I'm inordinately fond of humor in vids and all but one of my requested sources are just calling out for humor.

The Man From Uncle (2015 - Movie)
For me this movie was a love letter to the Sixties, all about the style and slick action. That opening chase scene must be one of my favs of all time. If you let a little Napoleon/Illya slash sneak in, I wouldn't object

Big Trouble in Little China
This movie needs a campy, over-the-top vid featuring the wanna be hero Jack Burton or the real hero, Wang.

The Martian
Mark Watney is such a big ball of humor and hope and resourcefulness. I like his time back on the Hermes, too. And the guy who came up with the plan to go back and save him. And just about everything. Hey, vidder, if you love it too, I'm sure I'll love your vid.

Key and Peele
One of the best and most versatile comedy sketch shows on tv, I love their geekiness and respect for women. I'm so bummed their show was cancelled, I'd love a vid that encapsulates the crazyness and social commentary that is also very, very funny.

Campy. My Archer vid needs to be campy and heavy on Lana and Sterling, with just a touch of Woodhouse.

These last two might be harder to vid but, Dear Festividder, I'll love so much more if you can pull it off.

A movie about a man dying of cancer - how did this become one of my favorite movies of all time? Akira Kurasawa sculpts a story of a man who finds a joy for living in the face of death and Takashi Shimura drives it home with his brilliant performance.

This is my tv crack. I never get tired of watching, even episode I've seen several times before. The drama! The crazy ingredients! I've go no idea how you'd vid it, but I'd be eternally grateful if you could.
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I decided after the big kerfluffle over the Hugo Awards this year to do my due diligence and make sure my voice is heard during next year's nomination process. Toward that end, I've started compiling a tentative list of things I might nominate, definitely subject to change. I know that most of my LJ/DW friends are Highlander and viddng-related, so this might not meant that much to anyone else. But if you plan on attending next year's Worldcon, MidAmeriCon, or are might be getting a supporting membership for Hugo voting, feel free to consider these works and suggestions of great stuff I might want to read, watch or listen to, especially short fiction. I haven't been reading enough short stories, novellas and so forth and I'm always eager to find stuff from writers who know their shit.

The Water Knife by Paolo Bacigalupi
The End of All Things by John Scalzi (I was going to nominate this, but Scalzi has asked folks to skip his works this year)
Luna: New Moon by Ian McDonald
Planetfall by Emma Newman
Apex by Ramez Naam
Anciliary Mercy Ann Leckie

Short Story
Hello, Hello by Seanan McGuire
Trickier with Each Translation by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam
Cat Pictures Please by Naomi Kritzer
The Empress in Her Glory by Robert Reed
Today I am Paul by Martin L. Shoemaker

Folding Beijing by Hao Jingfang, translated by Ken Liu
Ether by Zhang Ran, translated by Carmen Yiling Yan and Ken Liu
So Much Cooking by Naomi Krtizer
Another Word for World by Ann Leckie

Penric's Demon by Lois McMaster Bujold
The New Mother by Eugene Fischer
Witches of Lychford by Paul Cornell
Binti by Nnedi Okorafor

The Cornell Collective
Tea and Jeopardy
Galactic Suburbia

Dramatic Presentation, Long Form
Mad Max: Fury Road
The Martian
Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Dramatic Presentation, Short Form
Doctor Who, Heaven Sent
Person of Interest, If-Then-What
Daredevil, Nelson v. Murdock
Mr. Robot, eps1.8_m1rr0r1ng.qt
Mr. Robot, eps1.5_br4ve-trave1er.asf

Editor, short form
Seanan Maguire (Lightspeed, June 2015)
Lynne M. Thomas
Michael Damien Thomas

Editor, long form
Malcolm Edwards
Jane Johnson
Anne Lesley Groell
Tim O’Connell
Lee Harris


Best fan writer
Mark Oshiro

Best pro artist
Julie Dillon
Richard Anderson
Stephen Youll
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This year's Hugo ceremony was a fantastic production last night. David Gerrold and Tanarive Due were fantastic hosts and the results clearly showed that the attempt by certain parties to hijack the awards was thwarted by fans who voted for quality, not ideology. I was particularly happy to see Orphan Black win best short dramatic work for the Clone Dance Party episode.

What is a bit sad is the long list of great nominated works in the short fiction categories who were squeezed out in the nominating process by block voting slates. For an idea of what the slate would have looked like without the block votes go to this post by Tobias Bucknell here.

This is based on this data released by the Hugo administrators details of the ballots cast and top nominated works.

For me this has solidified by resolve to be more than just a passive member of Worldcon and fandom in the future. I actually attended WSFS business meetings this year to help in shaping policy for future Worldcons. And I'm going to keep a tally of great stuff throughout the year and nominate in all categories for the Hugos next year.
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As the Challenge theme this year for this year's VVC was Memory, it seemed like the perfect time to do a vid I've been considering for quite a while. Alice Guy Blache was one of the first film directors, completing more than 1,000 short films in her career from 1896-1920. She experimented with some of the first scripted stories, with sound and with color. After moving from France to the U.S she had her own film studio in New Jersey, one of the hot spots for film production at the time. Unfortunately most of her works are lost and forgotten.

I considered using music from her era for this vid, but changed my mind when I realized just how many of the surviving works featured movement and dance.


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I love the awesome teamwork in Big Hero 6, the focus on science and the female characters who were integral to the team and not just there to be someone's love interest. When it cam to vidding the movie, though, I decided to just focus on how Hiro could always count on them, how they are always there to back each other up.



Aug. 7th, 2015 07:24 am
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I arrived last night and was musing about how I feel both connected and disconnected to the VVC community. This is probably due to: 1) I only make it to VVC about every other year 2)Club Vivid is just totally not my thing (absolutely not a party/dancing person) and 3) I'm a bit shy about just walking up to people and starting a conversation.

But don't think that any of that means I won't have a fantastic time. The vidshows can be fun but what I always look forward to the most are panels and premieres. Every time I come to VVC I get more inspiration on how to improve either my technical or my creative vidding process and it is so energizing. And Premieres! The energy is so great, especially in the overflow room where I like to sit through the show.

I'm glad this year that I was able to get a flight back late enough on Sunday that I should be able to make it all the way through Vid Review. Although this can be a little stressful when my vid comes up for review, it is also like listening to a giant beta session, with everyone analyzing how the premieres vids either did or didn't work. Years ago at my first VVC I was really nervous about Vid Review, but it turned out to be a great experience.

Unfortunately I won't be able to stay for In Depth Review or Challenge or the Auction vids. At least I'll be able to catch those on the dvd, but there's nothing like watching new vids in a room full of avid vidders and vid-lovers.
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I've tweaked my Premieres vid enough and it's uploading as I type. I thought I had an idea for a new project, but as listened to the music a few more times and rewatched season 8 of Doctor Who, the inspiration pretty much evaporated, so I don't know what I want to do next. I have a couple of ideas that really aren't quite fanvids, I don't know what you might call them.

The first one came to be literally in a dream. I dreamed that I vidded Bob Dylan's Masters of War with print ads and promotional footage of military industry contractors, interlaced with photos and headlines of industry lobbyists and elected officials. I also worked in portions of President Eisenhower's Chance for Peace speech and Farewell Address that serve as cautions from the 1950s against letting the military contractors gain a foothold over driving the legislative agenda. I'm conflicted about this. On the one hand it sound very, very doable. On the other, it's far more political and work-related for my comfort for reasons that I don't want to discuss in fannish spaces.

The second idea, that I'm still interested in, revolves around the gentrification of eclectic urban spaces. This one comes directly from listening way too many times to What's Happened to Soho by The Correspondents. I'd like to use historical footage and photographs compared to modern for entertainment districts, not just in London, but elsewhere. I've been casually browsing the internet for sources and historical background, but this isn't something that would come together quickly.

In the meantime, I just finished Daredevil and OMG is this some good shit! I wish I was inspired to vid the show, but I think I may have to just settle for looking for things other people have done instead.
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I've got a complete rough draft of my Premieres vid for VVC and I'm not sure if I want to let it sit for awhile and then look at it with fresh eyes for final editing or get a beta to give a quick look and some suggestions.

In the meantime, while driving around last weekend I heard a piece of music and, BAM, it hits me that I need to vid DW. Just one episode, Deep Breath, so it shouldn't take too long, but I've never vidded the Doctor. I have, however, been watching lots and lots and lots of DW vids to put together a vid show for a con next October, so I guess I've got Who-brain right now.


May. 10th, 2015 06:37 pm
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Finally getting around to posting my Festivids works to AO3. In fact, I'm going to gradually post all my old vids that are currently on Youtube, because I really feel like fans will find things more easily on AO3. This leaves me wondering about the slide show vids I put together for HLWW and PWFC cons. There aren't exactly existing tags that work for these. They're fandom-related, but not exactly RPF.
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Reveals for Festivids happened while I was at Gallifrey One . I also a month behind getting a con report written, but that's a problem for another day.

My asignment for a Fargo vid for [personal profile] deelaundry. I absolutely loved this show and has some vague ideas for a vid when searching for a song I had a revelation. You normally wouldn't think of a beloved children's animated Christmas special and an amoral killer who loves to spread chaos, but seriously this song was written just for Lorne Malvo.

Creating a vid for Doctor Strangelove has been in the back of my mind for several years, but this year it was one of the fandoms nominated for Festivids and when I saw that [personal profile] colls requested this movie I decided to make this treat. Originally I was thinking about using something like Tom Lehrer, but then I stumbled across this, a song inspired by the movie.
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I thought I'd already mentioned these two vids for The Flash, but totally missed posting about them. I love the energy of this show and the characters and these two vids best capture my feels for this show. Barry!!!

The Flash The Runner
The Flash Scientist
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There are so many good vids this year, for expected and unexpected sources. I never anticipated a Pitbulls and Parolees vid to bring me to tears, but there you are. That's the joy of Festivids. I'll probably have my last group of recs in a couple of days.

Only Lovers Left AliveFeather Moon
Beautiful and sensual and lush

Pit Bulls and ParoleesI'll be there for you
Oh, the puppies!

Pleasantville Renaissance!
Absolutely magnificent editing.

RPF - LOTR Behind the Scenes DVD Extras Long Live

Singin' in the Rain Get Lucky
Here’s something you’ll rarely see me do - rec a vid for a musical. But this vid is so exuberant and fun it’s made me actually put the movie on my must watch list..

Slings and Arrows Another Story
I have such a love for this show and all you need to do is watch this vid to know why. Well, you should also watch my next rec, too.

Slings and Arrows Shake it Off
My other rec for this show made me cry, but this one makes me laugh and want to dance. Did I mention I love this show?
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Another batch of recs from Festivids. I'm about 2/3 of the way through and I've liked a lot and commented on many more than this. These are just the ones I love just a bit more. All this vid watching is getting in the way of my grand Doctor Who watch. I'd wanted to get through all 26 seasons of classic Who on Hulu before Gallifrey One, but I'm only only on 21. I don't know if I'm going to make it.

Curse of the Golden Flower) Hue
Even if you’ve never seen the movie, watch this vid. It’s absolutely stunning.

Edge of Tomorrow Here we Go Again
Very clever song choice just nails it.

Festivids Silent Fandoms
This is an amazingly complex ’non-vid’, an exploration of vidders’ love of source and the process.

Gravity All That Remains
This vid is visual space poetry.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Let's Get Mischievous
Just plain fun!

Local Hero Walk of Life
Back in the ‘80s I watched this movie so many times it has a special place in my heart, but I somehow I never connected that long ago movie with the Peter Capaldi of Malcolm Tucker and The Doctor. He’s so young and sweet in this.

This vid captures the development of a character from what could have been a caricature to a complex woman with ups and downs, strengths and weaknesses.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.S&M
The show and first character I ever felt fannish for (and this will tell you how old I am) was The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and Illya Kuryakin. Let me just point to this vid and say THIS, THIS, THIS

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. The Other Man
Sharp, slick and exceptionally well done.

Mawaru PenguindrumLook Around You: Penguins
An incredible and unusual mashup.
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I love Festivids, as a chance to both make and receive vids for fandoms that need a little love. This year I’m determined to watch at least a little of each vid, it’s one way to get introduced to movies and shows that are fantastic and unfamiliar.

I received two vids this year and they are both wonderful if very different. Every year I request a vid for Good Eats and this is the first time that wish has been granted. The Creationist blends the show, Alton Brown’s live shows and his attitude towards food and cooking into a delightful stew of goodness.

One of my favorite movies of 2013 was Gravity, a movie that I was happy to vote for and see win a Hugo Award. It was a visually stunning view of space as a beautiful and hostile place for humans and showed how one astronaut used luck, science and determination to save herself. Nothing but Time beautifully captures all of this and brought me to tears as I watched.

14 Blades (Duel)
I haven’t seen the movie, but this vid shows how stunning an instrumental action vid can be.

Gone Tech (Almost Human)
Once you gone tech, you ain't never going back. I miss this show, so much!

Sugar Shack (Antique)
This vid is charming and ’sweet’ and now I’ve got another movie to track down.

Dance (Armour of God series)
With Jackie Chan, fight choreography IS dance choreography!

I Am What I Am (Batman - the Adam West series
The whole campy Bat Family
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Festivids is live! I'm going to go wallow in vids for a few hours. Vid recs most definitely will follow!
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I'm trying to use Vimeo and hide the byline to create a surprise video without my name attached. I've stepped up to a paid account, because the free one didn't seem to offer that option. I've clicked on the boxes to always default to hide the byline, title and channel portrait and they still frickin show up! I'm clueless at exactly how to fix this.
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Here's the trailer for the second Highlander fan film. This was is more diverse in casting. Full disclosure: I'm listed on imdb as a producer on this one since I sent Andrew a little money to help him get this one done.

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There are two Highlander fanfilms coming soon, either streaming or digital downloads. I guess if Davis-Panzer are going to drag their feet on moving forward with the franchise, fans will step up and make their own.

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